A Little History

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Opened up for homesteading in the 1880’s, the Quinault Valley became busy with travelers who heard about the awe-inspiring forest, mountains, Lake Quinault, and Quinault River.

Adventurers and trail-blazers of this era inspired Anetta Locke to develop Lochaerie in the mid 1920’s. Soon Lochaerie provided shelter, a cooked meal, and a dry place to bed down. At first, just a helpful convenience, by word of mouth and by advertising it grew into the business of hostelry, drawing more visitors and promoting longer stays.

Several sleeping rooms in the main building filled the need for bed and breakfast facilities until 1955, when it was discontinued. The cottages which had fireplaces, and cooking facilities provided accommodation and privacy for families. Even today, Lochaerie’s cabins are popular for that reason.

Lochaerie represents the passage of time. From the beginning, the furnishings have kept the flavor of pioneers and settlers, of World War I and the breezy 1920’s. Today’s older guest, who may have been here long ago, smiles in memory. The younger ones take pleasure in savoring the past.

About 1920’s Architecture

Lochaerie was built during the depression years when thrift and economy were keynotes. Much of the lumber used came from mill ends. To this day, guests can see numerous windows and doors of unrelated sizes, because they were inexpensive leftovers.

River rock was used to build fireplaces because the rocks were much closer and cheaper than bricks.

Lochaerie Resort
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